In it For the Long Haul….

Sometimes you turn up to a job having quoted it, knowing it’ll be a long day.  This job required a gutter clearance as well as a conservatory roof clean, both having never been cleaned before.  As far as the gutter clearance, that was the simple part, a couple of large tufts of grass attached to 2 foot long roots but then there was the small issue of the roof……..



and of course the edges…..


The roof was particularly tricky being 16 panels long which equated to around 40 feet, each panel with a fair amount of lichen stuck like cement.  Usually, Lichen can either be brushed off or if its a glass roof can mostly be scrapped of with great care.  Due to this roof being both plastic as well the lichen being so tightly packed in places a little more persuasion was required.   That came in the form of a pressure washer, in all honest pressure washing is one of my least favourite jobs but the job wouldn’t have gone quite so well without it.  The customer seemed to be more than happy with the results and I felt I had done the job justice, hopefully you will agree……..


and of course the edges again…..


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