It takes all sorts…

Busy day today, had lots of different things to do from normal window cleaning to solar panels….. all on one site!

First off was the gutter and fascia cleaning, some parts more accessible than others.  4 hours later and the sites gutters and fascias were nice and clean, which included some unblocking of downpipes along the way.


Following on from the fascias, on a separate building were the solar panels, not having been cleaned in over a year the panels were dusty and in general a bit of a mess.  Personally, I believe it is worth cleaning PV (Photovoltaic) panels as it helps the efficiency of the units.  Many companies sells these as self cleaning but has anyone actually had a close look at a panel? They aren’t smooth like a sheet of glass, they have lots of little tiny ridges which hold onto dirt over time, meaning more scrubbing than a standard piece of glass.




Final part of the job was the conservatory roof, again not having been cleaned in over a year. The site being in such a rural area, there is plenty of dust from surrounding fields particularly during harvest it had certainly collected plenty over the year.



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