Let them eat cake !

This week has seen all sorts of jobs coming in, all of which have been far easier to do with the weather we have been having.

First job of the week was a little bit of solar panel cleaning, a chance to use the new extension so I could clean them safley from the ground.  Solar panels aren’t anywhere near as smooth as you’d think, they are full of lots of little ridges that make the panels despite being ‘self cleaning’ glass dirt and dust magnets.  I cant say with 100% certainty that that layer of dirt is enough to impact on the panels effeciency but surely it makes sense to keep the things that save you money clean?




Then Solar Panel clean came in…


Following those solar panel cleaning jobs, I had a complete house clean to do.  This gave me a chance to use the newly acquired gutter vacuum that meant I could work completely safely from the ground which saved me around 1-2 hours on doing that particular job manually!  This was particularly useful for getting to the harder to reach parts of guttering that were over both pitched and conservatory roofs.  I managed to remove all debris from the gutters around this house which amounted to around 40 litres of moss, grit, leaves and general rubbish that had accumulated over a couple of years.


Followed by the gutter clearout came a gutter and fascia washdown, which hadn’t been done in some time.  Once everything above had been completed I moved onto the conservatory roof, which again was ‘self cleaning’ glass which is great in the right environment but in fairness does make them easier to clean for us window cleaners.  Of course the PVC framing isnt self cleaning so in places looked a little green, so that got the complete treatment too.


Good shine in the end


After the exterior had been done, the customer also wanted the internal windows cleaned, although there are few images of that, let me assure after years of never being cleaned the water was coming of the windows black, not to nice at all.  The below image shows you a comparison between internal panels of the conservatory.  Coming to the end of summer and having never been cleaned internally, fly muck was plastered all over the inside of the conservatory glass – hopefully you can tell the difference….


Finally I think the customer must have been happy as I was well looked after over the job…….


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